After being rescued from terrible conditions, the smallest Texas horse can fully enjoy his life without worrying about his dwarf
This sweet creature stands out from most horses in Texas, as most horses on average are 6 to 7 feet tall, while a horse named Munch is less than 2 feet tall.
After being rescued from lifestock auction, the unusual mini cow befriended 12 dogs on the farm
A sweet cow named Moonpie is quite unusual, as he has 12 closest friends on the farm, all of whom are dogs. Moonpie appeared on the farm when he was rescued
A South African hunter who used to hunt elephants and lions was eaten by a crocodile …
This story will probably make all readers feel the shiver we felt when we heard that sad and terrible news. It has already managed to shock the whole world
The dog who was born with syndrome called “short spine” couldn’t have imagined what awaited him
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The woman did everything to win the trust of the stray dog, who was so terrified that didn’t want to get out from under the car.
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The homeless boy adopted a pup from the street and now they have only each other they can count on
What could be more heartbreaking than seeing a homeless child on the street? Unfortunately, it is quite common now. Photographer Maria Cubbs noticed a
It has already passed 15 years of being rescued but this kangaroo still continues to shower her rescuers with lots of hugs
The animal world is the most interesting one, which seems to be loved by everyone, because it is full of various wonderful creatures. On your screens is
The little doggy was suffering from hunger but due to one wonderful woman the baby got a second chance at life
The baby was left on the street so long that he no longer had any hope of salvation. He was sure that everything would end soon. He was exhausted and very hungry.
Incredible rescue story. The dog was carrying a bag with a baby, which he found in the trash
Unfortunately, there are a lot of homrless dogs in Bangkok and they can be found everywhere. The locals are used to it, but none of them could have imagined
The mexican police officer heroically saved the life of the dog risking his own life
We often hear stories when dogs protect and save their owners at the cost of their lives. The opposite happened during this story, when the policeman hurried