The meerkat was rescued and now he is friends with the cat and considers him the leader, despite different temperaments


Animals can be friends just like people, even if they belong to completely different species. A cat and a meerkat live in St. Petersburg, who, despite their differences in appearance and characters, love each other very much.

The meerkat was bought at a petting zoo, where it will become another toy for children.

Now he lives with his friend and will never offend anyone. We are talking about a cat named Nice and a meerkat, which is called Surya, Suren, Surichka and even Suren Katerinovich at home.

The animal was born in the zoo and was surrounded by a crowd, and children, if not for journalists from Yekaterinburg. We decided to buy a beast for publishers and sent it to the Urals.

For the night, Surya was taken away by one of the editors named Ekaterina, since the house of the beast was not yet ready. At home, he immediately made friends with the cat. Surya showed all her love for her friend in her own way.

He immediately swore allegiance to the cat and “declared” him the leader of a small but proud family of meerkats. As a result, he stayed in this house for another month.

The editors did not let them wait for a long time, so Surya lived with a foster family. At first he behaved calmly, and then he discovered for himself the wonderful world of destruction – to suffer from everything that the beast could reach.

During this time, the meerkat eventually also got used to Catherine – according to her, he was not afraid and did not run away when they wanted to stroke him, and also came to spend the night with people.

But a month later, the meerkat still had to go to the editor.

There, he also did not live long – biting one of the employees on the finger. So the meerkat was sent home to Katherine, much to the delight of her cat Nice and Suri himself.

Now nothing can stop the happiness of the Nice and Suri couple. There is no doubt – this couple loves each other very much!

But do not rush to get yourself a meerkat seduced by Suri’s cute face – these animals need special care. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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