Five children were born at the same time 13 years ago but they don’t even look alike now when they’ve grown up…


About thirteen years ago, a real miracle happened to the Artamkin family. The couple had five children, all of whom were girls. They were pleasantly surprised because none of them knew the sex of the baby before.

The fact that she would have a five, Varvara found out on the spot, before that they did not know who it would be, a boy or a girl.

Concerned doctors advised the couple to destroy the two embryos so as not to endanger the mother and children.

But, since they are Christians, the Artamkin family decided to reject the offer. They decided that this would happen, if God wanted it, then everything would be as it should be.

Since the Russian doctors refused to take on their case, the Artamkins were forced to leave Russia and have children abroad. The girls were born at 26 weeks of gestation.

The babies were immediately placed in a premature incubator because they were underweight.They had good growth and development. Soon the whole family returned to Moscow again.

The already large family was well received at the airport and the couple was presented with a four-room apartment, which was already fully furnished and large enough for them.

Now the girls have already grown enough and they are already 12 years old.

When they grew up, they became different from each other and differ greatly in appearance and characters. Each has a distinct personality and is unique in its own way.

They support and help parents in all their endeavors. Girls go to church from early childhood. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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