A woman gave birth to the world’s first sextuplets: this is what they look like after 30 years


Janet and Graham have wanted children for a very long time, as do many other families.

But they did not suspect that they would become the parents of a huge family. The couple did not succeed for a long time, but after 13 attempts, Janet finally got pregnant!

They were amazed at their luck.

But that’s not all, they were in for another surprise, they couldn’t wait for the first ultrasound.

Unexpectedly, an ultrasound showed that the couple was expecting six children at once.

They did not expect that after so many failures they would have six children, and this was a huge pleasant shock!

Specialists insisted on Janet’s hospitalization and she was treated by the doctors of the district hospital.

On November 18, 1983, six healthy daughters were born to him.

Each year, Janet and Graham spent $11,000 on diapers because they didn’t have time to stop between feedings, changing diapers, bathing and changing their baby.

The first years of life were very difficult for them, but then the children’s school years began.

Preparing girls for puberty was challenging with six girls.


They say they have always been proud of their girls.

They were friends from an early age and over the years nothing has changed between them.


Now they are 34 years old.

Some of them made a successful career, while others got married and already started their own families.

The family recently took a collective vacation.

Together with their parents, they made an unforgettable trip to New York.

Sarah is their first daughter, who gave her parents a grandson. In 2014, she gave birth to a daughter and named her Yorgi.

They are so happy to have six daughters because it means the family will get bigger over time and there will be more granddaughters!


They say it was hard to fully appreciate every stage of their growing up as a woman, but things have changed over time.

Their granddaughter is also glad and happy that she has such grandparents, such parents and at least 5 aunts!

Now spouses can spend as much time with their granddaughter as they want, they have plenty of free time for this! Year after year, many granddaughters will appear in their family and their family will grow!

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