Footage of garbageman’s treatment of Golden Retriever blows up online


Shelby, the Golden Retriever, showed love to the garbageman whenever he came to visit the house. Josh Byrne didn’t know what was going on at first and decided to sneakily capture some footage.

A big orange truck drove up and stopped by the pristine front lawn. Shelby wasn’t protective or territorial like most dogs are. She quickly ran up to the garbage man, who obviously adored Shelby.

Shelby’s tail was wagging wildly and happily as she asked for as many pets as she could get in. Her coat was beautiful and shiny, and she got all the love and attention she deserved.

It turned out that while the garbageman was on his usual routine, Shelby also had her own schedule. Whenever he came to pick up the trash, Shelby would say hello.

They formed a strong friendship, and Byrne was good friends with him as well. In the footage, Shelby is rubbing up against the two humans as they have a friendly conversation.

It was a heartwarming sight with them talking as Shelby wagged her tail in between them. She is a great judge of character, and it was a pleasant surprise for Byrne when he found out her secret.

This Golden Retriever formed an unlikely friendship with the local garbage retriever. It must be the highlight of his day whenever he comes by Shelby’s house.

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