The puma, freed from 20 years of forced slavery in a circus, was able to enjoy freedom in the last minutes of its life


It is very sad to hear about the cruelty of people towards animals. In any case, it is impossible to behave in a barbaric way with these defenseless and sweet creatures that deserve our care and love.

But fortunately, there are still kind people and righteous organizations in the world that are ready to protect them from bad people in any way.

This mountain lion is finally freed from 20 years of forced circus slavery and can finally enjoy his freedom.

It was an organization called “Animal Defenders International” who organized the rescue of a chained circus mountain lioness.

It was very painful for him to live almost all his life in chains. The helpless animal lived chained to the back of a truck for more than 20 years, he was a circus lion. In fact, wild animals in circuses are banned in Peru.

ADI tracked down all the animals that were in captivity and he is eventually released.

Since the mountain lion had to be caged all his life, he could not survive in the wild. So they released the mountain lion to a reserve in the Peruvian forest, where they built an enclosure for him.

There he could finally live in peace and freedom, as a natural inhabitant, and all the staff took care of him.

But unfortunately, the hard life in the circus greatly undermined his health, and he developed some health problems. Plus, he also had age problems.

He recently passed away after being released. But the good thing is that he managed to close his eyes in freedom, enjoying the last days.

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