The story of senior horse Arthur, who was abused for 30 years before finding peace in a new home
Every act of compassion we perform could potentially change someone else’s entire existence. The animal in need in this tale was a senior horse named
This horse has been following the same path for many years, as the one taken by his master
This incident happened in Frankfurt, Germany. A beautiful Arabian horse walks here every day. He doesn’t need any helpers because he knows the way very well.
Miniature horse born without functional hind legs can now walk and run thanks to a special wheelchair
This horse was disabled, but fortunately, today he can move thanks to a wheelchair specially made for him.The horse’s name is Turbo, he lives in
A man is moved to tears during an unforgettable visit from a kind horse
Joo Speik is the owner of Audrey Speik who was bedridden for several months due to various health complications. Joo’s doctors did everything in
Introducing The Adorable Miniature Horse
Horses are very strong and wonderful animals that can often be seen walking gracefully.Introducing this little horse who looks like average horses, only smaller.
The mother-horse was taken out of her twin foals: how was the fate of the horse family
Most often, one of the embryos dies during pregnancy, allowing the second to fully develop. If the birth goes well, one of the twin foals is often weak
The hapless horse who had been left like a trash now looks unrecognizable
Unfortunately, there is no such organization that can protect all animals. Of particular concern at present is the condition of the horses, with an apparent
The positive horse with the largest smile decided to join the maternity photo shoot and it turned out to be perfect
Animals are the funniest and most unpredictable creatures in the world. There are many people who think that animals live only by their instincts and cannot have feelings.
The veterinarian decided to share the very heart-touching moment of the mother horse adopting the orphan foal
Dr. Patrick decided to photograph the wonderful moment he witnessed. One of the pics immediately went viral when a veterinarian decided to put them on the Internet.
The faithful horse and his 59-year-old owner shared the best moments of their lives together
Besides dogs, many other types of animals also become the best and most reliable friend of humans too. ] For this man, Donnie, it was his horse, Waco.