The mother-horse was taken out of her twin foals: how was the fate of the horse family


Most often, one of the embryos dies during pregnancy, allowing the second to fully develop. If the birth goes well, one of the twin foals is often weak and will not survive.

When a mare named Elsa gave birth to twins at an American wild horse sanctuary in Oregon, the event caused a stir throughout the region.

Elsa had recently arrived at the shelter and the animal rights activists knew she was pregnant and would give birth soon.

They were very surprised to find Elsa one day with two newborn foals. The mare felt good, but one of her cubs was smaller and obviously weaker than the other, she needed help.

Animal rights activists called Claire Staples, the founder of the Skydog Ranch, which had wild horses. Claire agreed to take the family of horses into her shelter.

But a little later, it became clear that Elsa’s mare was part of a paddock neutering program, meaning that Claire could only take foals.

The woman begged not to separate the family, but Oregon’s animal rights activists were adamant. Claire went to Elsa’s pen and promised her that the foals would be all right. But when Elsa was left without children, she suffered greatly from separation.

Two months later, Claire receives a call from Oregon telling her that she can pick up Elsa, who is languishing without children.

She was a little worried if the mother would recognize her children after all this time, but everything went well. If Elsa sniffed the first foal placed in her pen for a long time, then at the sight of the second she was already very happy.

She recognized them, her own children, and since then they have become inseparable again. The horse family walked together everywhere, and the foals tried not to stray too far from their mother.

Claire’s ranch is huge, covering tens of acres, and wild horses can lead their natural lives there. Claire will spend her life with her twins and later they will meet other wild horses that live on the ranch.

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