The faithful horse and his 59-year-old owner shared the best moments of their lives together


Besides dogs, many other types of animals also become the best and most reliable friend of humans too.
For this man, Donnie, it was his horse, Waco. Their connection and wonderful friendliness was simply astonishing.

Donnie was the director of the Vermont State Information Center, where he worked with quite a few people, but he could not wait every day to come home to spend time with his beloved pet.

He even moved to an apartment above the stables to be close to his beloved pet.

Vacon stayed with Danni even during the most difficult moments of his life, when he had heart problems.

He helped him move the heavy buckets. It was 2008 when they first met.

For exactly 8 years they were inseparable friends. The wonderful connection between them astonished everyone.

Vako is also among the long-lived horses, celebrating his 40ht anniversary in 2017 which for humans is equal to the age of 140.

Unfortunately, the horse died in 2019. He was already 42 years old at that time.

After that the man posted a touching note about his faithful friend, stating that he considered himself one of the happiest to be able to find such a faithful friend in his life.

Animals always give us more than we can ever imagine. Rest in peace, dear Vako.

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