The veterinarian decided to share the very heart-touching moment of the mother horse adopting the orphan foal


Dr. Patrick decided to photograph the wonderful moment he witnessed.

One of the pics immediately went viral when a veterinarian decided to put them on the Internet.

These cute creatures, which we are used to calling “farm animals”, actually have quite deep feelings, that humans can even imagine.

Here is what happened recently. The pregnancy of the horse went as planned, but when the baby was born, the doctor immediately felt that something was wrong.

Sadyl her baby did not survive. So the horse, which used to be very lively and active, could not overcome that loss.

It was very hard for her. She was very depressed and it seemed like her heart was broken. But her consolation was yet to come.

Dr. Patrick’s colleagues told him about a foal who had recently lost his mother after birth who was left completely alone.

After hearing that news, the veterinarian made a decision : to unite these two broken hearts. What happened next shook the whole internet.

Fortunately, after so many hard days, everything ended happily.

The mother horse, seeing the newborn foal, quickly took him in her arms, as if all her motherly love and warmth, giving to the orphan.

As for the orphan foal, he could not be happier and calmer, getting exactly what he needed – the most precious thing in the world – motherly love.

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