The story of senior horse Arthur, who was abused for 30 years before finding peace in a new home


Every act of compassion we perform could potentially change someone else’s entire existence.

The animal in need in this tale was a senior horse named Arthur who had spent his entire existence working as a workhorse before being abandoned by his abusive master.

This 30-year-old beast was in such terrible shape that his owner decided to turn him over to dealers.

The animal ended up bouncing from vendor to dealer, which was a very unfortunate destiny.

He was relieved that he was not suffering in silence. He came across Max, another abandoned horse.

They might be able to get through this time together.

When a kind lady called Cindy Daigre from Tennessee saw the horses on a website, a miracle occurred and the animals’ suffering came to an end.

The lady chose to assist the animals because she founded a property that houses an equine sanctuary.

In order to transport the horses to New Holland, she bought them from Pennsylvanian merchants.

The animals were terrified and extremely frail as a result of their months of pain.

Things shifted, though, as soon as they entered the refuge. Cindy had to wait two years before these beautiful animals were fully recovered.

They have supported one another through the challenging months as their bond between Arthur and Max has developed.

Both in happy times and poor, they are constantly next to one another.

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