The hapless horse who had been left like a trash now looks unrecognizable


Unfortunately, there is no such organization that can protect all animals.

Of particular concern at present is the condition of the horses, with an apparent lack of attention that is undoubtedly needed in many areas.   Many of them are treated excessively unfairly every day.

This is the coverage of the history of one of those horses.

His name is River, who was recently rescued by his rescuers, Cesar Garcia and his son.

They were walking that day through the streets of Modesto.

The poor horse was in a very terrible condition, which undoubtedly had never received any care.

He lay helpless on the ground. After going to him and looking at him more closely, it turned out that he also had many open wounds and it seemed that he had already lost his last hope.

They called the department to report the incident.

A few minutes later, several officers arrived to help the hapless and exhausted creature.

After he was taken to the clinic, he began to receive the necessary care and treatment.

The doctor was treating the animal’s wounds. They also fed the horse slowly, as feeding too quickly could shock it.

When they posted this story on their social media, it received thousands of warm words of support. The horse seemed to be gradually recovering.

A woman who owns two other rescue horses came to the center when she saw him and expressed her desire to take care of River when he would be ready.

The adorable animal has already recovered and looks quite strong.

He seems to be reborn and his shiny coat and happy face will prove that.

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