Measure your observation skills and find the 3 differences in 15 seconds!


More and more often, people enjoy challenging themselves with skill games and visual tests that put their mental and observational abilities to the test.

There are some fun and amusing ones that can involve both adults and children.

An example of this is the spot-the-difference game.

Today, we present two images that appear identical but actually differ in three details.

If you can identify them in just 15 seconds, you have excellent visual acuity.

Try to go beyond your own visual abilities and surpass your limits.

Time yourself and attempt to solve the spot-the-difference game in just 15 seconds.

You need to be skillful and quick in identifying those three small details that are different between the two images.

The depicted scene is that of a woman relaxing in a sauna.

Surrounded by candles and plants, the lady is wearing a simple towel and a turban on her head.

Where are the three different details between the two images?

Dedicating a few minutes each day to solving logic challenges and visual tests greatly helps stimulate the mind and improve intellectual abilities.

These games also help keep the brain young and active.

It also develops a thinking agility that becomes very useful in everyday life.

Being able to solve problems as quickly as possible is a way to optimize time.

Returning to today’s challenge, where are the three differences between the two images?

If you haven’t found them or if 15 seconds have passed, it’s time to reveal the solution.

The three differences are all circled in white: one is the leaf of the plant, another is the first candle at the top left, and the last one is the candle at the top right.

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