The couple dedicated their life to taking care of wild animals , who had been rescued from captivity
We think you will agree that wild animals, such as lions, tigers, leopards or cheeta hs, are definitely at the top of the list of dangerous animals.
The tigress, which was probably injured by poachers, left her cub with the huntsman and disappeared.
Ivan had been working as a hunter in the forest for many years and of course he had met many animals during those years. Recently he met another wonderful animal.
After being rescued from hurricane the sweetest squirrel can’t already sleep without hugging her teddy bear
Meet the sweetest squirrel that survived Hurricane in August. She was only seven weeks old when she was found. The squirrel fell to the ground from its nest.
The police officer saved the life of the bear cub and stayed with him until rescuers arrived
Of course, interacting with wild animals can often be fatal. However, in this case, without a moment’s hesitation, the policeman came to the aid
The deer and the boy immediately became friends starting to have fun together
When you see deer in your yard, be prepared cause they’re going to eat the plants in your yard. Although deers are known for their cautious nature
The rare white lion cubs, born in Africa, are a very huge surprise for all the workers of the zoo
WHite lions are just majestic. These lions better known as South Lions, are considered sacred by many South African tribes. They immediately attract everyone’
After being rescued by ‘Born Free Foundation’ four adorable lions felt freedom for the first time in their whole life
Animals have that right to stay and live freely in the nature. In this way they also get the best food, which is important for their growth.
After 46 years the blind elephant finanlly got the feeling of freedom for the first time… Such a heart-touching moment
Animals are the most wonderful creatures on our planet,։ it does not matter if they are wild or domestic. All of them need to be properly cared for and
The kind motorcyclist, noticing the wounded eagle, stopped the motorcycle and saved the life of the wounded animal.
The motorcyclist was riding in his usual way when he noticed a creature that definitely needed help. It was a bald eagle that was in a very deplorable condition.
This is a Chubby bird, whose unique beauty and bright colors makes him one of the most magical birds in the world
All animals are just wonderful and unique. They are all so beautiful, with wonderful colors and shades, s if they were painted by nature with a brush.