The dying Lioness had little chance of surviving until she met her love


Meet Cannes and Sheila who belonged to the same person who rented them out for photo shoots and parties.

Luckily, these two lions were rescued by an exotic Texas wildlife rescue organization.

The 6-year-old Cannes lion was emaciated and lacked the tip of a tail, but luckily he recovered quickly, unlike the lioness Sheila.

Volunteers of the organization were very worried about her, because the poor lioness was completely in a deplorable state.

For two weeks, relief organization founder Vicki fed the lioness delicious meatballs, which she stuffed into Sheila’s mouth.

After some time, the lioness already felt a little better, so the volunteers decided to introduce her to the rescued lion Kann.

Believe it or not, it was true love at first sight. Encounters with lions eventually became daily.

After 3 months of regular dates, Kann and Sheila began to live together in the same enclosure.

But before that, the lioness, of course, was sterilized. From that day on, the two became completely inseparable. They really go crazy for each other!

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