Proud orangutan dad takes care of his daughter after her mom’s death


Orangutans are very similar to people, they know how to use tools, eat nuts, honey and eggs. Orangutans usually live alone, only young mothers often spend time together.

Dads don’t take care of newborns, their mother raisеs them until they are 6 years old before they grow up.

These creatures live for 60 years and sometimes even more, and in the zoo they do not form pairs. But recently, an incredible story happened at the Denver Zоо that turned all the facts about these smart animals upside down.

Orangutans have a baby girl. Kera lived with her mom Nias until she was 2 years old, but she passed away.

The zookeepers had to urgently look for her so that she could take care of the children. But suddenly her father, Bereni, showed a paternal instinct and became a wonderful father for her, he never left her.

Kera could not even dream of such a father, he takes care of her every minute and protects her.

Their unique and sweet story proves that love can overcome everything.

These two together destroyed all the laws of the existence of this species. Love can create a very strong bond that cannot be created otherwise.

Berani was very different from other orangutans and his paternal instinct was not the same as others. He seemed to love his wife and little daughter very much.

He took care of his first daughter, although she was not her own daughter. It was a real family, just like a human family.

She is now 11 years old and has a few more years to go before she becomes a mother herself. She also contributes to the care of Kera, plays with her when dad releases the baby from his hands.

Fortunately, Kera is two years old and already weaned, so she will not have any problems with feeding. Bereni took care of all the other needs of little Kera.

Although an orangutan expert says it would be difficult for a male to replace Nias, as the real leader of this small group was the female.

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