Pit bull filled with milk walked up to rescuers and told them where his puppies were
In the United States in New Orleans, a pit bull rescue center received a call from a nearby supermarket. The woman said that they saw a dog in their yard.
Bronson is a pit bull who just adores to follow his parents wherever they go, that’s why he is considered the stickiest dog ever
Bronson is a sweet dog who loves to follow his owners wherever they go. You especially need to watch him go down the stairs. We have all encountered dogs
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We talk so much about dogs and they are so loved among people, yet many of them still have no home and roam the streets alone, without food and family warmth.
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Dog rescued from a fighting ring carries his security blanket everywhere he goes now
Pit Bull Bubby was just a little puppy when he was used as dog bait in the dog fight ring. By the time he was rescued, he was physically and emotionally traumatized.