The man adopted 2 abandoned pit bulls from the shelter , who one day they showed their gratitude to him…


One man, with a name Robert McGowan, who wanted to adopt a dog, decided to visit a shelter.

There he met two wonderful pit bulls, which unfortunately were abandoned by their owners.

He was looking for a friend, and knowing the story of these dogs, he could not be indifferent.

The animals were so sad and immediately captured his heart, so he decided to take them both home.

The dogs, named Elabel and Lady Bug, faced very serious and painful challenges in the past.

Their previous owners had decided to leave them in a shelter. However, when they met their new owner, they immediately became friends and had a great time together.

Of course, at first it took some time to get used to their new home, but then everything was wonderful. They soon even expressed their gratitude to their kind master.

One day this man was repairing his car when 4 people suddenly broke into his house.

One of them hit the man in the face and started demanding the keys to his car. Robert told them that they were at home.

So 3 of them stayed with the man and one went into the house to get the keys. But inside, a very unexpected surprise was waiting for him.

The two loyal dogs simply chased the thief and then ran outside and attacked the other intruders.

They realized that they could not resist the two angrydogs, so they quickly ran away. Due to the faithful dogs it didn’t have tragic ending.

They attacked aggressive people, risking their own lives.

These adorable animals were abandoned by their owners, but then fate gave them a wonderful surprise, giving them such a caring and loving father.

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