Meet the most joyful and smiley pit bull on the planet, who after being rescued has become the happiest


This kind and smiley creature is Meaty, the sweet dog who has become very popular on instagram and already has 160K followers.

However, the beautiful baby went through a lot of difficulties and everything hasn’t been as good and shiny as it seems now.

Before being rescued the sweet baby had been living in the shelter and when his owner saw his pictures on the internet, it was love from the first sight.

Look at this sweet smiley ball.

He gives so much joy and happiness to the family

They just adore him and do anything for him to make his days even better

It turned out, that his owner lost his previous dog several years ago, who passed away because of serious illness.

Sweet doggie melt the hearts of all the family members and now they are very happy together

After being adopted from the shelter after so many years the dog hasn’t stopped smiling till now

When they first posted the pic of Meaty, it immediately became viral.

So they decided to create an Instagram account for their beloved pet so his fans could follow him there

As you can see, he also has a lot of friends here

Every day he reminds everyone that life is wonderful and we should always be grateful for what we have

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