Bronson is a pit bull who just adores to follow his parents wherever they go, that’s why he is considered the stickiest dog ever


Bronson is a sweet dog who loves to follow his owners wherever they go.

You especially need to watch him go down the stairs.

We have all encountered dogs that are too attached to their owners and are constantly chasing them.

But I think you have never met a pit bull like this.

Hurry up to watch the video to see the “stickiest” pit bull on the planet, who is constantly following and copying his parents, everything they do.

It’s so sweet and fun! Who would have thought that a dog of this breed could look so needy?

Pit bulls are known for their boundless loyalty and kindness, of course, and they are considered one of the most popular dog breeds.

They form very strong bonds with their families and love to play various games with them.

This sweet dog is a vivid example of that.

So when your pitbull keeps looking at you all day or looking with sad eyes when you leave, just remember that it’s just one of the ways of expressing their boundless love and devotion.

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