After being abandoned the dog had the saddest face ever, but one day everything changed


The little pit bull was terribly broken. His owners had decided to move him to a shelter.

Dogs are so devoted creatures that they will never be able to understand the actions of humans.

This dog felt hopeless and after realizing that he was abandoned, he made such a sad face.

With his sad face he testified to human indifference.

His photos promptly spread on the Internet, which became fatal for him.

There was still hope that his sad eyes would turn into the happiest.

Tan saw his picture on Next Door social network and wanted to help the boy.

He wanted to take quick steps to save the dog’s life before it was too late.

And everything worked out. Tan’s girlfriend offered to take care of him and the next day they went to the shelter.

Electra just did not know how to express his gratitude to that people.

They were amazed at the dog’s transformation.

It all started with the foster home, but it eventually became his eternal home.

According to his new owners he is very well-mannered, smart and friendly.

We thank all the kind people who do not remain indifferent and help those who need it.

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