That was the most adorable scene where two bear cubs were holding hands while waiting their mommy to call them for dinner
THe photographer managed to capture a wonderful moment with the participation of 2 adorab;e bears. It was one of the most amazing and sweet moments he
After 12 years of separation the mother elephant reunited with her daughter and grandaughter
This story is about a wonderful family of elephants who had the opportunity to meet each other again. Porri is already a 40-year-old elehant, who has recently
The family portrait of a lion family simply stunned everyone, capturing the whole Internet
Of course, it is not easy for photographers to photograph wildlife, especially if they want to take a family portrate. They have to wait until all the
The couple agreed to adopt their neighbour’s 3 children, who was on the verge of death… and here is the surprise life has prepared for them
Happily, there are so many kind-hearted people who are willing to help those in need without any benefit. One day, one of their neighbors, named Audrey
After their meeting the huge family of orangutans became friends with little sweet otters
Nature always amazes us with its unusual creatures, as well as their unique relationships and actions. They are all wonderful in all their abilities and essence.
The woman who had more than 17 pets, decided to take a family portrait with all of them
It seems almost impossible to take a beautiful picture with a pet, and as a result we mostly have blurry photos. And imagine that they are 17.
The stray puppy met his adoptive parents in the street and found his way to the eternal family
There are people who, fortunately, are not indifferent to poor animals, who need help, and do everything to save them. Thanks to kind people, many creatures