The faithful dog protected the boy with Down Syndrome until the police came to the rescue
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This is a touching story about a grandfather and his 2 faithful dogs. Unfortunately, they were chasing the imminent farewell, as their father was dying.
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Nia has had a very difficult life in the past. He had been physically abused and it had such a negative effect on him that she was completely locked up in a shelter.
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The dog who had been chained without food and water, jumped from the third floor trying to free herself
Suddenly a shout was heard from above ․․․ Residents of Cairo, looked up and saw a dogd hanging from a 3-rd floor. That scene just shocked everyone.
After meeting the sweet little creature in the yard the dog immediately became friends with her teaching her how to jump
Every day I go for a walk in the big park next to our house, where I always meet a lot of animals. I often find new friends there, with whom I start playing.
Bronson is a pit bull who just adores to follow his parents wherever they go, that’s why he is considered the stickiest dog ever
Bronson is a sweet dog who loves to follow his owners wherever they go. You especially need to watch him go down the stairs. We have all encountered dogs