Grandfather put his dog to sleep while crying because he lacked the money for medical care!


Witnessing the tears streaming down the man’s face and the anguish reflected in the dog’s eyes, the veterinarian fulfilled her duty with utmost compassion and empathy.

It is often said that happiness cannot be measured by money alone, but sometimes financial circumstances shape our destiny.

In the heart-wrenching situation that unfolded, an elderly man found himself struggling to make ends meet, especially when faced with the daunting cost of treating his beloved canine companion.

Within the veterinarian’s office, an air of solemnity prevailed, with the doctor, the elderly man, and his mongrel silently present.

The visitor absentmindedly caressed his dog while quietly shedding tears.

The weighty silence was only interrupted by the somber sighs of a man who found it difficult to accept the prospect of parting ways with his loyal friend, his silent tears serving as a poignant testament to his grief.

Dr. Andrey Alexandrovich, though relatively inexperienced, had witnessed such heart-wrenching reactions from pet owners who had, regrettably, been forced to make the decision to euthanize their beloved companions.

The veterinarian understood that pets become cherished friends to their human counterparts, and he recognized tears as a wholly natural response in such trying circumstances.

Nevertheless, this particular case tugged at his heartstrings in a unique manner.

The doctor recollected the encounter three days prior when the elderly man had first arrived at the clinic with his dog.

The man, reserved and aged, had sought urgent medical attention for his nine-year-old mongrel, Naida, who had been unable to rise for several days.

The dog’s distressing behavior had deeply alarmed her owner, compelling him to seek immediate assistance.

During their conversation, the man had revealed that Naida was the sole living being left in his life.

The examination unveiled a severe infection plaguing the dog, necessitating urgent treatment.

However, the required medications and procedures came with a hefty price tag.

If left untreated, the infection would continue to ravage Naida’s body, ultimately leading to a painful and agonizing demise.

Dr. Alexandrovich presented the man with a stark choice: either pursue the costly treatment or opt for euthanasia, sparing the dog from suffering.

The doctor, delivering his proposition with clinical detachment, failed to consider how his words would impact the visitor.

Upon receiving the doctor’s verdict, the man placed a meager sum of money, a couple of crumpled banknotes, on the table.

Trembling hands gripped his faithful companion, and he departed silently.

Three days later, the man and his loyal friend returned to the clinic.

“I apologize, but I could only gather enough money for euthanasia to prevent her from suffering,” the man uttered, his gaze fixed firmly on the ground.

Once inside the office, the man requested a few moments to bid a heartfelt farewell to his cherished friend.

Observing the profound pain that permeated their parting, Dr. Alexandrovich keenly felt the injustices prevailing in the world.

There are times when individuals with ample wealth fail to value life, be it that of humans or animals.

Yet this elderly man and his mongrel exuded an unspoken tenderness that money simply cannot buy.

Alas, their lack of financial means forced them to bid farewell prematurely.

Overwhelmed by his emotions, the doctor approached the man and gently placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

With unwavering resolve, he vowed, “I will treat Naida at my own expense.

No money is required. I will help her. She is not yet old; she has a few more years to spend by your side.”

The older man trembled even more vigorously, his silent sobs persisting.

In just seven days, Naida regained the ability to walk and even run independently.

Intravenous drips and proper care facilitated a swift recovery from her ailment.

The veterinarian experienced genuine fulfillment in his work.

Though his act of kindness may not have been the grandest, he succeeded in preserving the elderly man’s faith in humanity and kindling hope for a brighter future.

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