Hero dog discovers a box full of newborn kitties in the woods and takes care of them as her own


In this tale, a husky known as a “kitten resquer” appears. Banner, a 3-year-old husky, is here to meet you.

Since Banner was a young pup, Whitney Brailey, the dog’s owner, has trained the pet to assist her in a variety of tasks.

Due of Whitney’s disabilities, the husky is more than simply a pet for her; he also serves as a terrific helper and source of comfort.

The pop has saved a lot of kittens over the years, and many of them have even adopted her as their mother.

Whitney noted that the woman “is very connected to the baby kittens.”

“Banner discovered and nurtured her first cat from a ditch two years ago.

We still have the cat in the house. Nevertheless, this is not the last rescue story.

Whitney once took the husky for a stroll with him, and the dog came across a crate full of kittens.

She called her owner right away. When Whitney saw 7 one-day-old kittens at once, she was astounded.

Fortunately, every kitten made it through. Instead of putting them to a shelter, Whitney opted to take care of them and give them to loving households.

Whitney is happy that these adorable kittens will be adopted by caring homes because to her husky.

The brave dog keeps saving little kittens and treats them like her own puppies!

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