Before passing away, a dying man searches for the ideal owner for his elderly rescue doggie, Pawpaw


John Weston was given the horrifying news one day that he only had six months to survive.

So his neighbour advised him to live a purposeful life before dying.

He advised John to get a canine so he could spend his time with one.

The man’s brain and spinal cord were being affected by an illness of the nerve cells.

John’s next-door neighbor, Sherri Franklin, founded a canine rehabilitation organisation.

He was the one who delivered PawPaw to the ill person. This canine was so ideal for John’s health that he survived for three and a half years instead of just six months.

According to John’s family, his relationship with PawPaw contributed to his extended lifespan.

The canine always slept on his owner’s bed because he adored him.

John turned to Sherri in the spring of 2019 and asked her to locate PawPaw the most loving family possible.

John got to know everyone who was interested in adopting the adorable canine.

He came to a halt next to Bernie Knobbe. According to John, Bernie and PawPaw were destined to cross paths.

The owner was confident that his canine was enjoying himself with Bernie.

Finally, John made the choice to give the guy his adored dog, but only after he had passed away.

Later, John passed away. He gave his closest buddy and companion to the new owner, who adores the dog dearly!

The senior canine, who is 16 years old, now relishes life with two other rescue pets!

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