After losing her best cat buddy, a doggie takes care of almost 100 kittens in foster care


Zigzag the dog was discovered on Oregon’s streets a few years ago.

An employee at the shelter named Daria decided to bring Zigzag there six months later.

Long ago, she had come to understand that Zigzag behaves very differently from the other dogs at the shelter.

Daria used to have a lot of cats as companions, but Zigzag soon learned their language.

Having spent a lot of time in the shelter with Daria, Zigzag soon evolved a motherly bond to a little kitten that was brought in one day.

Zigzag was a very patient and compassionate cat with the babies.

They can walk all over her and treat her like a big, warm toy.

Daria adds that Zigzag gives the kittens more than just the bare necessities; she also appears to be conscious of each kitten’s particular need.

In order to give the kitten time to get acclimated to her presence while he is upset, the mother will not regularly approach him but will instead lie still.

If the kitten has been socialized with it, it will lick and paw it all over.

Zigzag has done this for more than a hundred kitties throughout the years.

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