This cute owlet and cat have become inseparable friends and spend all their time together
Meet, this is the kitten Marimo and the owlet Fukku. It seems unusual to see such kind of friendship between two so different kinds of animals.
The owner of the cat makes a wonderful bedroom for himt by changing the back wall of their house
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These special bags designed for cats help them adapt to humans and find eternal homes more easily and faster
Ten years ago, the staff of Boston’s Animal Rescue League discussed wild cats needs with a skilled tailor volunteer. 4-month-old little kittens can
93-year-old navy veteran decided to adopt 13-year-old German shepherd, saving his life on time
This story tells about a beautiful white German shepherd ,who was rescued by a naval veteran. This happened just a few days ago when an elderly dog was
Adorably-Curious Monkey Named George Goes Bananas For His New Gift
‘Unboxing’ has become the novel way of showing off anything that we purchase. I have seen kids do it in videos, but I had never seen a monkey unbox product until today.
Cat Surprises Foster Mom With Litter of Sweet Kittens
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Frightened Criminals Tuck Their Tails And Run When This Pint-Sized Pup Chases Them Away
You don’t have to be a big guard dog to scare people away; you just have to believe you are tough. Often, it is the tiniest dogs that have the highest
Abandoned Kitten Goes on Trip of a Lifetime After Being Rescued by Tourists
A kindhearted couple was vacationing in South Africa when the borders got shut down due to quarantine. While they stayed at their hotel for a bit longer
The 3-day-old baby seal was asking for help and protection from passer-by
Օne day the staff of the yacht club in Strelna noticed a small creature crawling slowly on the ice. At the beginning the workers it was a dog, but after
Poor puppy who had been thrown into a garage truck was spotted by volunteers and rescued
It would be so good for each animal to find its eternal home and have a happy life. These innocent creatures deserve the best. Although we always wish