The man who once rescued the lion cub giving him second chance at life, can now receive the warmest thanks
The Internet is full of cat rescue news, but this man saved a much bigger cat. Valentin Gruner rescued a big cat, which at first glance may seem very unusual
The funny conversation of the dog and his owner became viral garnering more than 250million views
So judging by 205million views, surely IT CAN BE CONSIDERED ”the best video”. The video of this dog immediately after it appeared on the Internet
The cutest raccoon with the coolest haircut ever has become a huge star on the internet
Meet the two-year-old sweet raccoon. His name is Yuni. He lives in a wonderful family with his beloved owner, Joyce Thai. They are from Taiwan.
After being kicked in head there was very little chance to live, but what happened next was reminiscent of a miracle
Peanut needed urgent care, so she was rushed to a veterinarian. The baby was found in blood from head to toe with a traumatic brain injury.
After being rescued from lifestock auction, the unusual mini cow befriended 12 dogs on the farm
A sweet cow named Moonpie is quite unusual, as he has 12 closest friends on the farm, all of whom are dogs. Moonpie appeared on the farm when he was rescued
For 2 years she used to think that her beloved dog had died, but once she got an e-mail, which changed her whole life
The woman thought that her beloved dog had died ․․․ Once she got an e-mail from one shelter, but she thought it was just a joke or a prank.
Every day the sweet dog impatiently waits for his beloved friend, until she finishes her job and comes to hug him
The giant dog has the sweetest snout in the world. Adorable dog has a normal day routine.He weighs about 185 pounds. You will probably agree that he looks
The truck driver saved the life of ‘sweet alien’ , who managed to capture the hearts of all the shelter staff
The orphan baby immediately caught everyone’s attention, enchanting them with his sweet snout. With a strange expression on his face, the baby miraculously
The baby dog had such a cruel life that he didn’t even move, trembling all the time, but what happened then was just a miracle for everyone
Percy Cole had a very cruel lofe and he used to think that all the human beings were monsters. He thought that everyone wanted to harm him and all of them
The homeless man organized a birthday party for his beloved friend not even knowing what surprises life was preparing for him
The homeless people have almost nothing but a few things, but that does not make them less generous, but often the opposite. Their conditions do not prevent