No, these two women walking their dog are not identical! 5 differences are hidden, can you see them?


This IQ test has been specially designed to assess your IQ and observation skills. Do you have the mental abilities required to take on this challenge? It is important to note that the majority of people who attempted this challenge have failed.

The goal of the test is to look at the image below and identify the five differences. You have 14 seconds to complete the IQ test.

It is crucial to know that well-informed individuals can finish the test within the given time. To succeed, you must focus and utilize your vision to the fullest. Avoid distractions that might hinder your performance. Otherwise, you risk failing this IQ test.

Answers: Here are the 5 differences between the two images.

The first difference is in the woman’s eyebrows. The second can be found on the woman’s left hand. If you examine both hands closely, they are entirely separate. The third distinction is visible on the dog’s hind leg. If you look closely at both leashes, you’ll see they are not identical.

In the second photo, the accessory has a small element, which is absent in the other photo. The last difference is in the upper part of the woman’s shoes. In the second illustration, the fold in the pants is evident.

If you found five differences, you can compare them.

Congratulations! You deserve to be called a “Master.” Taking on this task showcases incredible intelligence. You can analyze things deeply and quickly, paying great attention to every detail. Your skills are sought after in the workplace.

It might have taken you a bit more time or concentration. However, sometimes we fail at exams, and it’s not uncommon. Even the smartest people can experience failure. Therefore, not succeeding in this challenge is not as challenging as it may seem.

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