The adorable kitten with special abilities is Panccake, who has adopted the sweetest ways to play and sleep
This kitty has a name that best describes him – the Pancake. The sweet creature is a little more special than other kittens, but he, like everyone
”He is the ugliest cat ever and I’m not going to keep him. Even my children were afraid of him. Be thankful I didn’t put him to sleep.”
One day a woman came to the shelter with a cat and demanded to take him back. The reason mentioned by her was that the cat was very ugly and even his children
A photographer photographed disabled dogs and cats in a unique way donating all the profit for them
All animals are beautiful regardless of their appearance. They all deserve our best treatment. They are no different from other animals and deserve the
One guy who was on his way to the bank did not even expect that he was going to save life
Dan was on his way to the bank when he suddenly heard a voice․ That day he managed to save a life by appearing in the right place and at t he right time.
The rescuers did their best to help the sweet cat Pinocchio overcome various obstacles of his life
One of the advantages of social media is that it provides an opportunity to learn about many stories, as well as a wide range of opportunities to save
Volunteers rescued four newborn kittens from the street and took them to receive immediate medical attention
That’s so gratifying that there are people who are not indifferent to those in need of help and reach out for help without a minute’
This cat’s fur used to be completely black, but during the years it started to get white spots
This cat is the one of five kittens, who was born completely black and looked like her siblings. His name is Scrappy, which turned out to have a condition
The hero husky dog saved the lifes of 7 newborn kittens becoming their adoptive mother
We want to introduce you this wonderful dog. This husky ​​is Banner, who is 3 years old and loves cats the most. The fact is that his owner has taught
The street musician received a lot of support from the four cats, who became very attentive listeners
The street musician played in the street every day, but was always ignored by people. No one stopped to listen to his music. Because of that, the musician
Police have built a comfortable apartment for their new member so that the stray cat can live there
It has been a long time since a stray cat appeared in the police station and did not leave. All the police officers knew him and called the unknown but