The story of the surviving cat that eventually struck it fortunate after going for a week without food or water


Marilyn, the cat, formerly led a contented existence. She had a family and a home.

Nobody could have even fathomed that her life would take a turn for the worst after she won at several shows.

The cat was 10 years old at the time. However, this cat had bad luck.

His owner unexpectedly landed up in the hospital, leaving Marilyn alone.

Water and food quickly ran out in the flat behind the closed door, leaving him with nothing to gnaw on but the inedible.

The poor animal simply had no idea how to escape this hopeless predicament.

He was fortunate, thankfully.The staff of a shelter soon removed the cat from the residence.

His physique was weaker and he was completely worn out.

His examination revealed pathology in his heart, injured eyes, and ill kidneys.

The physicians’ sole objective was to prolong the cat’s life.

A woman soon expressed interest in him after being moved by his look and state.

The cat appeared to be so unhappy, said the new owner, that she decided to make him happy.

He was due it! The owner still had two cats, with which Marilyn first struggled to communicate, but with time he warmed up and started to play with other cats.

The cat is now content knowing that he has a home, a loving owner, and companions!

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