The 13-year-old cat struggled to move around because of the weight of his tangled hair. Fortunately, good people saw him in time


Buttercup, a 13-year-old ginger cat, was overjoyed when the Nevada shelter eventually managed to remove big matted chunks of fur from him.

This cat spent several years living a nomadic lifestyle. His prior proprietors allowed him to go for walks, but one day they suddenly vanished, leaving the cat behind.

The cat kept pacing around the home while being fed by kind neighbors, but no one gave a damn about his hair.

Carefully shaving off all the tangled hair took several hours. In order to give the cat a respite from the procedure, people took breaks.

The cat’s epidermis was extremely dry and tight underneath his hair, so he was well lubricated with a special substance to treat the condition.

While these operations are still being done, Buttercup’s health is getting better.

He is a very loving cat who enjoys cuddling and gets along well with other cats.

A new home has already been located for Buttercup. We are pleased that this lovely cat has located a home where he can live out the remainder of his days.

And let’s pray Buttercup won’t ever be left alone again.

He is deserving of the finest existence and people’s love.

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