Couple adopts a little Maine Coon kittie, which grows to be the world’s biggest cat


There was nothing out of the ordinary about his stature when this Melbourne-based couple adopted him.

In fact, he resembled his siblings in every way. Yet he was able to shatter the record for the world’s longest cat today.

Jennifer Hirst Omar’s mother, Stephy Hirst, claimed that she never imagined her cat would get that big.

Phyllis Hirst “We anticipated a 19-pound cat.

When he was born before turning a year old, we began to suspect he wasn’t quite done.

He was little when we first acquired him, but he quickly gained weight and was 22 pounds by the time he was a year old, the mother added.

The haughty cat is currently 47 inches tall and weighs about 30 pounds.

When pictures of Omar were posted on the well-known “Cats of Instagram” account, he quickly became well-known.

In reality, the Guinness Book notices the cat at that point. According to Stephy Hirst, “all our pals want to come visit our cat.”

When they see it in person, they question if it was Photoshopped or whether it may actually be real.

Being the biggest cat in the planet does have its drawbacks, though, since the family bed can’t fit everyone.

Because he takes up too much space on the bed and insists we adore and love him all night, he sleeps on the couch, according to Stephy.

Check out the video above to see this cute, unusual kittie.

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