The cat that this nice guy adopts from a sanctuary soon becomes his faithful friend


This tale will sway you into believing that a cat and a person may fall in love at first sight!

A cat was taken care of and given shelter by a guy by the name of Lucas.

The feline showed appreciation. Now, every embrace he gives his savior feels like a parting goodbye.

He and his sister were taken out of the shelter by us. They had three months of age.

As I was shopping for milk, this red pretzel started to get closer to me almost every minute.

Melon and his human father have been together ever since they first met.

He continues to stomp on me, get stronger in my face, and make an effort to pass for one of me.

I could not trade it for anything else. Melon is happiest when Lucas, his sweetheart, gets hugged.

When Lucas returns home, he envelops Melon right away.

They are inseparably connected! Lucas likes to have his favorite cat pet him in the morning.

Melon puts himself in his arms like it’s the final time each time. Lucas is such a kind man.

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