Couple raises a little Maine Coon kitten, which grows to be the world’s longest cat!


When this couple from Melbourne decided to adopt a cat named Omar, they had no idea that he would one day break the Guinness World Record for being the longest cat in the world.

Initially, Omar looked just like his siblings, and there was nothing unusual about his size.

However, as time went on, Omar began to grow at an astonishing rate, surprising his owners, Stephy Hirst and her partner.

Stephy Hirst, who affectionately refers to herself as Omar’s mom, recalled that they were initially expecting a 19-pound cat.

But by the time Omar was a year old, it became clear that he was still far from being done growing.

At just one year old, he already weighed 22 pounds. Today, Omar measures an impressive 47 inches in length and weighs around 30 pounds.

His extraordinary size caught the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records after his photos were shared on the popular ‘Cats of Instagram’ account.

Omar’s incredible stature became a topic of fascination among friends and followers.

Stephy Hirst shared that people often questioned the authenticity of Omar’s photos, thinking they were digitally altered.

However, upon meeting Omar in person, they were amazed by his true size and presence.

Although being the world’s longest cat has its perks, it also presents some challenges for the family.

Omar’s elongated frame means there isn’t enough space for him in their bed.

Instead, he claims the couch as his sleeping spot, demanding constant cuddles and attention from his adoring owners throughout the night.

Witness the charm and uniqueness of this adorable cat in the accompanying video, and marvel at Omar’s extraordinary record-breaking size.

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