The mom of four desired a fifth child, but an ultrasound revealed something unexpected
Mary McCandlish, 34, chose the “final child” despite the fact that she is the mother of four kids, ranging in age from six to sixteen.
The woman lied her hubby about her pregnancy for nine months, and on the day the baby was born, she kidnapped herself
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Hand in hand.  They both died on the same day after being happily married for 70 years
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72kg after 610kg. How does it feel to be able to walk around on your own?
In 2013, Saudi Arabian Khalid Shaari had an overnight rise to prominence. The 22-year-old man’s name was then entered into the Guinness Book of Records
Around us, there are still good people. The neighbors collaborated to fix the pensioner’s home
According to a legislation in the US state of New Jersey, all property owners are required to maintain their homes and plots tidy and clean.
A man raised a little cat, and it eventually outgrew his doggie
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Look at the house, it was constructed out of bamboo by a poor Chinese guy
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Only in the bedroom might one see Victorian women dressed like this: Check it out
Long hair is now viewed as a sign of innate attractiveness. However, not many ladies could afford to wear loose curls several decades ago.
A boy “born of a human and a chimpanzee” was found in Angola. Experts are taken aback
In this area, interactions between humans and chimpanzees are frequently intimate. In Luanda, Angola, 12-year-old Augusto Dembo is certain that his father