The girl saved the life of the kitty who had been considered “extremely ugly” by everyone who saw him
In the cruel streets of Istanbul, the poor baby was suffering and no one wanted to help. He was trying to survive as long as he could. The cat was completely
After being diagnosed with cancer the man had to say goodbye to his two faithful friends…
This is a touching story about a grandfather and his 2 faithful dogs. Unfortunately, they were chasing the imminent farewell, as their father was dying.
The sweet dog-unicorn from fairy tale has managed to melt the hearts of millions of people
If you used to be convinced that unicorns live only in fairy tales, then we have come to show you that such miracles happen in the real world too.
11-year-old boy spends his whole weekend helping stray dogs and change the people’s attitude towards them
Boy spends his weekend volunteering for the stray dogs. Unlike other children of his age, he does not spend his weekends playing with հիս friends or watching
The wonderful husky rescued 7 adorable kittens and started taking care of them as his own pups
This sweet husky was walking in the forest one day when he suddenly noticed something. There was a moving box. He decided to approach and check what was inside.
An elderly dog who had been abandoned by his previos family has found a new loving home
The family abandoned the 8-year-old dog, leaving him on the street. Ray was found on the streets of Torrance, California, walking alone and sad.
More than 6 years later the egg of the pelican has finally hatched making them the happiest parents
The happy parents had been waiting for that day for a long time ․․․ For a long time none of their eggs hatched, but their rescuers seemed to had found
The loving mother dog can’t stop admiring her newborn puppies whose video immediately went viral all over the internet
These types of dogs are known for their boundless kindness, as well as they are extremely caring mothers who will take care of their babies with perfect
While walking in their street he little girl named Isa saved the life of the puppy and from that day on they’re inseparable
One da a girl named Isa had just gone for a walk. Her older cousin asked her to buy milk from a nearby store, but she brought home something that was very
The photographer was walking through the desert, when he suddenly noticed the most adorable friendship ever
Zahir was driving through the desert one day when he noticed a lone rhino. The man had set up his camera to take pictures of the animal, but everything