A group of soldiers from a Ukrainian battalion found a missing husky and helped him find his family
The two countries are still at war, but despite the turmoil and destruction, there are stories that give Ukrainians hope. This is Nessie, who recently
The couple did not allow the kitten to stay on the street, taking him in, the kitten and the dog became friends
When Veronica and Victor were returning home from work one day, they saw a small kitten in a tree, calling for help. The street couple couldn’
A woman welcomed three puppies and they grew up like wolves
Toni Litwolf adopted the puppies, saving many of them from death. A woman has a very kind heart, but such a story happens only once in a lifetime.
These animals are really gorgeous : their original look will make you smile
Looking at pictures of cats and dogs is such a calming experience. This is a pretty good therapy for stress and problems. We care about your moral health
This is amazing: by watching people, the dog learned to pay for food
This dog named Negra lives on the grounds of the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico. The dog was taken in by the staff of the institute.
A tiny, abused and abandoned puppy is so happy to have been rescued that he hides his face in the rescuer’s arms
This little sick puppy lived in the garage of an apartment building. Local residents threw their unnecessary things and furniture into this garage all
A young stray dog thought one of her puppies had been stolen from her and cried in pain
This street dog is a black pit bull, helplessly and alоne gave birth on the street. One woman spotted her as the dog was crоssing the street with the puppy in its mouth.
The older dachshund and his best friend accompanies her everywhere kissing him, finally they are reunited!
This is the cutest dachshund, his name is Ojay, 12 years old, and next to him is his friend, a pit bull named Dodger, who is 6 years old.
This is Cherchik, a black dog, who was called an ugly, but energetic and kind dog
A dog named Cherchik lived in the house, it was both a yard, inbred, black color, very energetic and kind. He had unique characteristics and leashes.
A woman working at a roadside cafe takes pictures of all the dogs that pass by
Charitable organization “Esionovski” loves animals very much. And recently, when they started working at a local coffee shop, she started working