A group of soldiers from a Ukrainian battalion found a missing husky and helped him find his family


The two countries are still at war, but despite the turmoil and destruction, there are stories that give Ukrainians hope.

This is Nessie, who recently lost his bearings during the battle, but with the help of this detachment of troops, he was able to find his master.

The city of Bucha, which the Russians have occupied for several months, was recently taken by Ukrainian troops.

Troops there found a few survivors and bodies of civilians, while searching various parts of the city, they also found poor Nessie.

Although the atrocities of the war are widely reported in the press, this moving narrative has also gained popularity.

Especially when you consider that the brigade not only helped the husky find its owner, but also contributed to its reunification.

The soldiers decided to take the puppy with them and keep it after discovery in order to find its true owners. Fortunately, the battalion did everything possible for him to facilitate this, and soon the dog finally met his cherished foster father.

The Warriors made the decision to film this touching encounter that took place in the parking lot and then post it on social media so people can see the touching story.

At first, Nessie walks cautiously, but as soon as she spots her master, she quickly rushes into his arms.

Nessie screamed excitedly from the excitement of finding her human father, kissed her face and jumped for joy.

The man did not lag behind and constantly stroked his dog, and Nessie was very happy. This is undoubtedly a touching story that gives hope to the people in Ukraine during these difficult times.

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