She snapped a photo of her daughter, but when they examined it closely, they found themselves frozen in shock.


She and her mother ventured outdoors to capture a picture on the first day of seventh grade. Mills and her mother were outside, photographing by a tree when an unexpected visitor disrupted their photo session.

Several shots had already been taken, and everything appeared delightful. Mills’ mother then spotted her son.

“It blended so well that I had to look closely to realize what was there,” Joy Mills, the girl’s mother, shared with The Dodo.

A snake was stretched out on the tree trunk, gazing directly at the seventh grader who was posing.

Following this, Mills’ mom urged her to come over immediately, and initially, Mills couldn’t comprehend why.

Mills only learned about the snake’s surprise appearance once she was safely away from the tree since her mother didn’t want to frighten her.

She hadn’t realized that she was sharing her joy with an unexpected companion.

“When she discovered what was behind her, she was left speechless,” Mills recounted. “We were astounded when we examined the photos on my phone and saw just how close the snake was, and we had no idea.”

Evidently, the snake was envious of all the attention Mills was receiving and decided to steal some of the limelight.

Thanks to a friendly snake, Mills will have the most remarkable back-to-school photos and an unforgettable story to share with her classmates.

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