A group of soldiers from a Ukrainian battalion found a missing husky and helped him find his family
The two countries are still at war, but despite the turmoil and destruction, there are stories that give Ukrainians hope. This is Nessie, who recently
This little furry animal has been waiting non-stop on the highway for owners who have abandoned it
This small and fluffy animal waited ugly on the highway. This little furry creature was left all alone and no one was there to help him.
This dog hasn’t seen his family in a long time after going blind from diabetes, but watch his reaction when he sees them again
One of the senses that is taken for granted and the most important is vision. How would you explain, for example, the color red to a blind person?
Mom comes to see her son after the operation and sees how the nurse hugs and comforts him
Sladе Thompsоn, who was 5 years old, did not have the easiest year. He went to a hospital in Pennsylvania for a second operation in 2019.
This dog was sent back to the shelter because he was “too cute” and is now looking for a real home
Meet Spot, the dog that was returned to the shelter just because she was “too cute”. The Humane Society of Pennsylvania is currently looking
The guy saved the injured bird by putting it in his car, but then he really regretted it
Sometimes we forget that wild animals always remain wild, including a bear, a tiger or an eagle are not only cute animals, but also dangerous and ferocious.
The puma, freed from 20 years of forced slavery in a circus, was able to enjoy freedom in the last minutes of its life
It is very sad to hear about the cruelty of people towards animals. In any case, it is impossible to behave in a barbaric way with these defenseless and
Homeless dog named Spiky showed heart-rending devotion to his owner by chasing an ambulance
Recently, a street camera caught a small puppy running after an ambulance because he wanted to be near his sick owner. It was such a heartbreaking scene
The mother dog was left at the shelter due to birth complications, which resulted in her losing all 21 puppies
One day, someone left this pregnant dog at the Boone Area Animal Welfare Association the day after she gave birth to her puppies. She had an emergency
Dog lay in snow with puppies for 3 weeks to be rescued
During a heavy snowstorm in the US state of Minnesota, a dog gave birth to puppies in the forest. The young mother found herself in a very difficult position.