The cutest raccoon with the coolest haircut ever has become a huge star on the internet
Meet the two-year-old sweet raccoon. His name is Yuni. He lives in a wonderful family with his beloved owner, Joyce Thai. They are from Taiwan.
The little doggy was suffering from hunger but due to one wonderful woman the baby got a second chance at life
The baby was left on the street so long that he no longer had any hope of salvation. He was sure that everything would end soon. He was exhausted and very hungry.
After the cruel days of his past the wonderful pit bull has found the best daddy ever
Unfortunately, Smoke had a very heartbreaking past. But light always comes from the most unexpected place ․․․ His previous owner abused the poor dog by
No matter how big the cat gets, she always amazes everyone with its stunning beauty
Meet, this is Tihon, a super adorable cat who lives in Russia and have a very caring ‘mother’. His most favorite thing is hugs, and he is always
During their visit to Mexico the couple rescued the little kitten after which they started travelling together
They were traveling when they came across a beautiful cat that needed help. They rescued the cat while walking along the route. They could no longer imagine
After being rescued the beautiful fox has become a house pet who has a wonderful daddy
After seeing the poor fox with injuries, the passer-by couldn’t just pass indifferently and leave him in that difficult situation. So the project named “
After buying a new house it turned out that the woman has a very pleasant neighbour there
The woman named Giselle had bought a new house recently and was very excited about it. Her old house was only 25 minutes away, so she decided to take a
After seeing this adorable pup the kind cop immediately fell in love with him taking him home
Seeing a small pup on their balcony, the Florida Humane Society decided to help him. The poor baby was weak because he could hardly survive outside in
When it’s his turn to answer his father’s question, his reaction is just priceless
A real pleasure awaits you today. Animals do not stop covering our day with warm emotions. This video is actually one of the most popular videos of 2011
When it’s turn for his favorite song, the funny dog starts moving his ears so excitedly
We animal lovers just adore our furry friends, we are ready to do whatever it takes to keep them happy and safe. From the first moment we bring our little