Animal moms that show the other side of motherhood


Moms will tell you for sure that small children are not just sores. The joys of motherhood are diluted with a fly in the ointment: constant bottles and sleepless nights.

That doesn’t make motherhood any less wonderful, but it can wear down even animal mothers.

Animals have much more trouble than people, because they have several cubs at once. For example, a family of cats can grow from 5 to 7 babies at a time. Sometimes you just want to ask: “Take me to your place at least for an hour!” »

Dogs are also heroic mothers, giving birth to up to 8 kittens. But the one in the photo is not very easy.

All mothers go through a state where they will be happy to take a nap for a few minutes. Even if he just leans against the first wall you see.

This is how opossums need to travel. But they do not pull their weight, and this is the lot of their mother.

The hardships endured by the animal are compensated by a short pregnancy, which does not exceed two weeks.

An adorable little corgi is an example of a great mother. She gave the children her favorite place and climbed where she was supposed to.

She agrees to take a nap even next to the sofa, provided that the puppies will sleep for a long time.

In the eyes of a large cat, we can immediately read the other side of motherhood. For now, she can only dream of a restful sleep.

And, finally, an example of mother’s dedication and patience in this sleepy dog, which was hardly ready for such invaders.

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