Scottish woman banned from owning animals for 10 years for irresponsible pet ownership


A 31-year-old Scottish woman named Fiona once received a 10-year pet ban after not feeding or watering her dog. The poor animal was saved by the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals, and now, thanks to love and care, Snoop is saved.

Animal Welfare Specialists were alerted to the situation of the animal at Fiona’s house and arrived to rescue it. The veterinarian found the dog severely malnourished, the poor dog weighing only 5.85 kg.

According to the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals, Snoop is now healthy and has a new home.

A sheriff named Jamie Gilchrist also demanded that Fiona donate £500 to charity after learning that she was not feeding her dog enough.

According to Loius Sneddon of the Scottish Humane Society, they received a report about the dog at Fiona’s home in November 2015 and the dog was very malnourished, shaking and appeared to be dying.

Louise said that when she got there, she saw that Snoop was in an extremely dangerous condition, his bones were clearly visible, especially his pelvis and chest.

Louise said that Snoop was trying to get up and was about to pass out. According to the veterinarian’s findings, Snoop was “terribly dehydrated and very thin.”

According to the veterinarian, if the dog had not received medical attention in time, the dog could have died within a few days.

Sheriff Gilchrist said that Fiona could not help but know that Snoop is in a difficult situation and only needs food, because veterinary treatment is not very expensive, despite the financial difficulties.

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