A woman welcomed three puppies and they grew up like wolves


Toni Litwolf adopted the puppies, saving many of them from death. A woman has a very kind heart, but such a story happens only once in a lifetime.

One day, in the middle of the night, a stranger named Tony begged for the return of three puppies who needed rescuing and really wanted to continue living.

During a short conversation, it turned out that the stranger was a gardener for a dog breeder.

She perceived three puppies as underdeveloped and simply left them in the cold. The puppies were only 13 days old, and at this age, being hungry and cold was tantamount to a quick death for them.

Toni met the breeder and immediately contacted her. Thus, the puppies ended up with their loving owner.

They really needed care and treatment, so Tony simply did not leave them, fed them every two hours, slept with them …

But the most amazing thing is that when the puppies grew up, Tony realized that they were actually wolves! She gave them Indian names. When the kids grew up, Tony decided to give them to the reserve.

12 years have passed since then, but beautiful wolves sometimes visit their savior.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or an ordinary dog, they are all grateful and friendly, as long as we don’t offend them and separate our world from theirs.

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