This is Cherchik, a black dog, who was called an ugly, but energetic and kind dog


A dog named Cherchik lived in the house, it was both a yard, inbred, black color, very energetic and kind.

He had unique characteristics and leashes. Many of them Cherchik knew not only the house, but also the neighborhood.

All day he ran around the yard, and late at night he ran to the first entrance, where his house was. It was one of those summer days. The woman and her husband were invited to visit, where they sat until late at night.

The party was well seated and people were drunk. They were already going home, the atmosphere was very good and it was a nice quiet night. Walk, enjoy and relax.

They entered the hallway of the house, but in the entrance, as in most houses in the city, the light was not on. The woman walked ahead and suddenly, on the second floor, she stepped on something small and living, lying on the step.

From fear she screamed so much that not only her husband was frightened, but also what was lying on the steps. It was something screaming like an almost human voice.

And only when she came to herself, the woman realized that she had stepped on little Cherchik.

Fear, of course, receded when he saw him. But did it help Cherchik feel better? Anyway, she even stepped on the poor dog. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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