A woman working at a roadside cafe takes pictures of all the dogs that pass by


Charitable organization “Esionovski” loves animals very much.

And recently, when they started working at a local coffee shop, she started working with their owners and drivers every day.

Esionovsky very quickly learned all the names of the dogs and he developed a new habit, he began to photograph all his four-legged and charming clients.

He said that sometimes he’s busy so he doesn’t have time to take all the pictures, but he always makes sure they can get treatment.

Animal lovers can work in mini-sessions during the day, they can appear there during the preparation of coffee and care for animals, they make sure that photos do not interfere with their main work.

Dog Pass coffee racks are available in all shapes and sizes.

But everyone was equally happy to see Esionowski and his colleagues and receive well-deserved treats.

Most often, they know and remember the names of dogs more easily than people.

There was an English bulldog named Richie and he knew he gave him the candy so when he came in he didn’t tell him.

As for overly enthusiastic dogs, Esionowski loves absolutely everyone and helps them wait for lots of candy and loving words, but doesn’t want to photograph their adorable faces.

He said that he always made sure that every dog had enough food and water.

He really enjoys being part of the organization and he is very happy that his work is connected with such miracles!

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