Kitten with damaged paws and bear ears enjoys life thanks to the best people
Fate gave this cute kitten a chance for a happy life. One day in late spring, a kitten with crooked legs appeared at the animal shelter.
The kitten hugged the kid who saved him from the road
Two little destinies met. One day, a woman was picking up her 6-year-old daughter Eddie from school. On the way home, they suddenly noticed a kitten running
The cyclist lost the race, but saved the little kitten during it
This incident happened during a cycling race in Brazil. A cyclist named Victor Fonseca, who was leading the race, noticed a small kitten meowing on the
Two different kittens, who had been rescued from very cruel conditions, ended up as awesome ‘lovers’
They understood that they need each other and from thatd day on they became inseparable… The kittens were only 2 days old when they were brought
The mother cat went through so many difficulties with his two babies until one kind volunteer took them home
This cat has been through a lot in his life, but finally there was hope for a happy future. Her name is Rosa, who was wandering the streets of Los Angeles
After meeting the newborn little kitten 13-year-old sweet doggie just fell in love with him
Morgan McKenize was walking around her farm when she heard voices. She suddenly noticed an abandoned kitten hiding there. Morgan decided to wait for now
The kind woman rescued the cat who turned out to be pregnant and after some days gave birth to 5 cute kittens
A homeless cat was spotted by a woman named Sandy, who appeared in the yard of her house. She lives in Arizona. The cat was wandering the streets and appeared