The mother cat went through so many difficulties with his two babies until one kind volunteer took them home


This cat has been through a lot in his life, but finally there was hope for a happy future.

Her name is Rosa, who was wandering the streets of Los Angeles with her two kittens.

Before being rescued, the devoted mother was afraid of people, trying to protect her kittens.

But finally a volunteer was able to catch the cat with the kittens and put it in a foster home, providing the quietest conditions for them.

One of the volunteers from Wrenn Rescues expressed a desire to take care of the cats until they adapt to human contact and are no longer afraid.

Rosa slowly began to trust people, realizing that they were trying to help and that she was safe with her kittens.

Despite all efforts, unfortunately one of the cats died 1.5 weeks after being brought home. It was already too weak and immature to survive.

The mother cat was very broken, but she decided to give the rest of her love and care to her other kitten, as if trying to protect him.

When he grew up, he became a very active and fascinating kitten.

Because he was so attentive to the baby, he sometimes forgot to eat, but the caring guardian fed him and was very attentive.

The mother cat began to trust her caregiver more, realizing that she was doing everything for her and her kitten.

He became more and more sociable and friendly day by day.

They are already ready for adoption and are looking for their eternal home.

They will definitely find a wonderful family, because they are both so adorable.

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