Kitten with damaged paws and bear ears enjoys life thanks to the best people


Fate gave this cute kitten a chance for a happy life. One day in late spring, a kitten with crooked legs appeared at the animal shelter.

The poor kitten was born with damaged ligaments and tendons in his front wrists, causing his legs to sag.

They decided to send the kitten to replace volunteers Mel Lamprey and her husband Zane. They decided to name this little Shpulka.

The kid really needed the constant development of his legs, so the veterinarians prescribed him a course of physiotherapy.

Her wrists were warmed with a heating pad, massaged and stretched to loosen his tendons and ligaments. This was to help the growing bones form properly.

Shpulka loves his new family very much, especially Zane, because he could sit on his neck for hours and relax.

Shpulka loves to play and spend time with Chester, another volunteer pet. He was received and cured of his illness. An adult cat immediately smelled a new member of the family and ran to get acquainted with them.

They found a common language and became friends very quickly and now they never part with each other! Would you risk adopting such a sick kitten from a shelter?

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